A Flint resident has filed an action in Ingham Circuit Court for a one-person grand-jury to determine if Governor Rick Snyder violated state law by arranging for the state to pay for the Governor’s potential criminal defense.

Ker Webber, who said her children, husband and pets all suffered ill effects from the tainted water, alleged the governor violated the constitutional ban on having a conflict of interest by enacting a contract that solely benefits himself. Former Michigan Democratic Party Chair Mark Brewer is Ms. Webber’s lawyer. The action also named other government officials, such as Attorney General Bill Schuette, for not taking steps to block or protest the contract.

According to Mr. Brewer, the contracts have gone above $2 million in cost and both himself and Ms. Webber commented on the outrageous notion that Flint residents are contributing to the cost of the contracts considering they are the most directly affected by the crisis. Anna Heaton, spokesperson for the governor, commented that private lawyers were necessary to assist in the volume of casework generated by the crisis itself, and is legally sound considering the lawsuits were brought in an official capacity and needed response.

The complaint asks the Ingham Circuit Court to open the one-person grand jury to conduct an investigation because no other law enforcement agency or the attorney general will do so. There was no indication of any hearings at the time of the complaint.