Flint Mayor Karen Weaver kicked off her third phase of her FAST Start pipe replacement initiative on Wednesday. The expectation in this phase will be to replace service lines to 788 more homes.

The state has provided the city $25 million to pay for the pipe replacements through September 2017. An additional $170 million will potentially come from Congress in December to assist in replacing the remaining pipes in Flint and other cities. There are an estimated 30,000 homes in Flint that need replacement.

Goyette Mechanical Incorporated began the replacement of the lead and galvanized steel service lines leading from the water main to the water meter of each home on Tuesday. W.T. Stevens Construction Company Incorporated already began replacing lines for Phase 3 homes. Both companies were involved in Phase 2 as well, which included replacing service lines in 218 homes and capping lines at abandoned homes.