CTE Yousef Rabhi

$150/person, $250-$1000/sponsorships.  RSVP at aaronpelowork@gmail.com

CTE Sheldon Neeley

 $250/person, $500/sponsor, $1000/host.  RSVP at vpleasant17@gmail.com

SRCC Grand Rapids Event

$300/person, $500/couple, $1000-$20,000/sponsorships. RSVP at 517-927-370 6

CTE Gregory J. Markkanen

$150/person, $250/sponsor, $500/host.  RSVP at jesse.osmer@yahoo@yahoo.com

CTE Jason Wentworth

$250/person, $500/sponsor, $1500/host.  RSVP at 517-996-2099 

Jim Stamas for State Senate

$250/person, $1000/sponsor, $2000/sponsor.  RSVP at 517-648-0443 

Citizens for Steve Marino

$200/person, $500-$1500/sponsorships.  RSVP at 248-506-6026

CTE Diana Farrington

 $250/person, $500-$1250/sponsorships.  RSVP at 989-245-0830

CTE Sarah Lightner

$150/person, $250-$1000/sponsorships.  RSVP at tonynrosesso@gmail.com

CTE Roger Hauck

$150/person, $500-$1500/sponsorships.  RSVP at 810-488-3449

CTE Sue Allor

$250/person, $500/sponsor, $1000/host.  RSVP at jesse.osmer@yahoo.com

CTE Dr. John Bizon

$250/person, $500-$2500/sponsorships.  RSVP at 269-509-1860

CTE Doug Wozniak

$150/person, $250-$1000/sponsorships.  RSVP at drewgrif@gmail.com  

CTE Andrea Schroeder

$150/person, $250-$1000/sponsorships.  RSVP at greihanian@gmail.com

CTE Winnie Brinks

$!00/person, $250-$1000/sponsorships.  RSVP at 810-814-9091

Ken Horn for Senate

$250/person, $500-$2500/sponsorships.  RSVP at 989-992-5380

HRCC Mahout

$250/person, $1000-$10,000/sponsorships.  RSVP at 517-803-8225

Whiteford Leadership Fund

$150-/person, $250-$2500/sponsorships.  RSVP at kelly.christopherson@gmail.com

Sylvia Santana for Senate

$100/person, $250-$1000/sponsorships.  RSVP at mfearon@senatedems.org

CTE Betty Alexander

$100/person, $250/-$1000/sponsorships.  RSVP at mfearon@senatedems.org

Friends of Triston Cole

$250/person, $1000-$5000/sponsorships.  RSVP at tristoncole@gmail.com

Ronnie Peterson Committee

$250/person, $500/sponsor, $1000/host.  RSVP jjtaylor517@gmail.com 

Sabo for Michigan

$150/person, $250-$1000/sponsorships.  RSVP at 231-740-2724 

Friends of John Cherry

$250/person, $500/sponsor, $1000/host.  RSVP at friendsofjohncherry@gmail.com

CTE Joe Bellino

$250/person, $500/sponsor, $1000/host.  RSVP at 419-508-0662 

Embolden PAC (Bolden)

 $200/person, $250-$1000/sponsorships.  RSVP at Teresa@bakerconsultingsolutions.com

Friends of Robert Wittenberg

$250/person, $500/sponsor, $1000/host.  RSVP at barbarahwinter@gmail.com

CTE Pauline Wendzel

$100/person, $250-$1000/sponsorships.  RSVP at rushlowj62@gmail.com

Brixie Blue Wave Fund

$25/person, $50-$1000/sponsorships.  RSVP at danieloppsommer@gmail.com

CTE Gary R. Eisen

$150/person, $250-$2000/sponsorships.  RSVP at  989-573-5056

Friends of Cara Clemente

$150/person, $250/sponsor, $500/host.  RSVP at caclemente1420@gmail.com

Rebekah Warren Leadership Fund

$250/person, $500-$2500/sponsorships.  RSVP at pjpetitpren@gmail.com

Friends of Brian Elder

$250/person, $500-$2500/sponsorships.  RSVP at mark.salogar@gmail.com

CTE Julie Calley

$150/person, $15/person $250-$$1000/sponsorships.  RSVP at 616-915-9963

Wentworth Majority Fund PAC

 $250/person, $1000-$2500/sponsorships.  RSVP at 517-996-2099

Aric Nesbitt for State Senate

$200/person, $500-$2500/sponsorships.  RSVP at 269-919-4252

Friends of Phil Green

$100/person, $250-$1000/sponsorships.  

CTE Chris Greig

$250/person, $500-$2500/sponsorships.  RSVP at events@christinegreig4rep.com 

House Democratic Fund

$500/person, $2500-$20,000/sponsorships.  RSVP at jordansmall@midems.ocm

Beth Griffin for State Rep

$150/person, $250-$1000/sponsorships.  RSVP at 248-225-1764

CTE Lana Theis

$250/person, $500-$2500/sponsorships. RSVP at 517-672-6823

Senate Majority 2018 PAC

$500/person, $1000-$5000/sponsorships.  RSVP at 517-927-3706

Sheppard Leadership Fund

$250/person, $500-$2000/sponsorships.  RSVP at 734-770-2309

Howell for Michigan

$250/person, $500-$5000/sponsorships.  RSVP at 989-295-9585 

Lasinski for Michigan PAC

$250/person, $500/sponsor, $1000/host.  RSVP at emily@votedonnalasinski.com

Friends of Tim Sneller

$250/person, $500/sponsor, $1000/host.  RSVP at smeller4rep@gmail.com

Brixie Blue Wave Fund

$25/person, $50-$1000/sponsorships.  RSVP at danieloppsommer@gmail.com

Wentworth Majority Fund

Shotgun Start. $500/foursome, $1000/hole sponsor. RSVP at 517-996-2099