CTE Jon Hoadley

$25/person, $100-$1000/sponsorships.  RSVP at charlespricealexander@gmail.com

Mike Callton for State Senate

$150/person, $500-$2500/sponsorships.  RSVP at 517-652-3827

Supporters of Leslie Love

$250/person, $500/sponsor, $1000/host.  RSVP at kjbas@yahoo.com

Vincent Gregory for State Rep

 $200/person, $300/sponsor, $500/host.  RSVP at vincentgregory19578@gmail.com

Friends of John Reilly

$200/person, $500/sponsor, $1000/host.  RSVP at a@theadamd,com

Henry Yanez for State Senate

$35/person, $100-$1000/sponsorships/.  RSVP at 586-930-8333

CTE Christine Greig

$250/person, $1000/sponsor, $2500/host.  RSVP at events@christinegreig4rep.com

CTE Diana Farrington

$250/person, $750-$1250/sponsorships.  RSVP at michaelwisnieski24@gmail.com

Kim LaSata for State Senate

$600/person, $2400/foursome.  RSVP at 517-927-4237

Shotgun 10am  walking only course-caddy fee included

Whiteford Leadership Fund

$50/person, $1000-$5000/sponsorships.  RSVP at 810-441-7257

FTE Adam Hollier

$200/person. $500-$2000/sponsorships.

VanSingel Majority Fund

$150/person, $250-$1000/sponsorships.  RSVP at 269-245-7244

Friends of Kristy Pagan

$100/person, $250-$1000/sponsorships.  RSVP at kristy@kristypagan.com

The Wentworth Majority Fund

$250/person, $500-$1500/sponsorships.  RSVP at joeperry097@gmail.com

Ananich Future Fund

 $500/person, $1000/sponsor, $2500/host.  RSVE at office@jimananich.com

Stamas Leadership PAC

$250/person, $1000/foursome, $250-$2500/sponsorships.  RSVP at 262-665-9424

Mike Shirkey for Michigan

$2000/foursome, $250/hole sponsor, $1000-$5000/sponsorships.  RSVP at 616-226-3902