Alexander Majority Fund w/Ted Nugent

11am-1pm $20/person meet/greet with Ted, Trap Shoot with Ted 1-2pm $500/host.  

CTE Pamela Hornberger

 Donations Appreciated.  RSVP at 586-876-9543

Jim Ellison for State Rep

$25/person, $50/sponsor, $100/sponsor, $250/host, $500/host.  RSVP at

CTE John Chirkun for State Rep

$20/person, $100/sponsor, $250/host.  RSVP at

CTE Joe Bellino

$150/person, $250-$1000/sponsorships.  RSVP at 419-508-0662

CTE Sue Allor

250/person, $500/sponsor, $1000/host.  RSVP at

CTE Winnie Brinks for Senate

$100/person, $$250-$1000/sponsorships.  RSVP at

Friends of Patrick Green

$250/person, $500/sponsor, $1000/host.  RSVP at

CTE Doug Tietz (HD 41)

$150/person $250-$1000/sponsorships RSVP at 248-225-1764

Jim Ellison for State Rep

$100/person, $250/sponsor, $500/sponsor, $1000/host.  RSVP at

Elect Ryan Berman (HD 39)

$150/person, $250-$1000/sponsorships.  RSVP at

Ken Horn for Senate

$250/person, $500-$2500/sponsorships.  RSVP at 989-992-5380

CTE Kevin Hertel

$100/person, $500/sponsor, $1000/host.  RSVP at

Tom Leonard for Michigan

$250/person, $500-$10,000/sponsorships.  RSVP at 517-803-8225

Wayne Schmidt Leadership Fund

$250/person, $500-$2500/sponsorships.  RSVP at 810-923-9732

Friends of Kathy Crawford

$250/person, $500/sponsor, $1000/host.  RSVP at 989-277-4500

Lasinski for Michigan

$250/person, $500/sponsor, $1000/sponsor, $$2500/host.  RSVP at

Ananich Senate Majority Fund

$500/person, $1000-$10,000/sponsorships.  RSVP at

TCole Leadership Fund

$250/person, $1000-$2500/sponsorships.  RSVP to

Citizens for Steve Marino

$100/person, $250/sponsor, $500/sponsor, $1000/host.  RSVP at 248-506-6026

Friends of Brian Elder

$250/person, $500/sponsor, $1000/sponsor, $2500/host.  RSVP at

Michigan Senate Democratic Fund

$500/person, $1000-$20,000/sponsorships.  RSVP at 810-814-9091

CTE Doug Tietz

$50/person, $100-$500/sponsorships.  RSVP at 248-225-1764

CTE Amanda Brand (HD-76)

$150/person, $300-$1000/sponsorships.  

Howell for Michigan Fund

$250/person, $500-$5000/sponsorships.  RSVP at 989-295-9584  

Friends of Greg VanWoerkom

$150/person, $500/sponsor, $1000/host. RSVP at 231-327-7488

Mallory McMorrow for Michigan

$25/person, $50/sponsor, $100/sponsor, $250/host./  RSVP at

CTE Doug Wozniak (HD 36)

 $100/person, $250-$1000/sponsorships.  RSVP at 586-781-9190 

Singh for Michigan

$100/person, $500-$10,000/sponsorships.  RSVP at

Mike McCready for State Senate

$250/person, $500-$5000/sponsorships.  RSVP at 906-298-0098

CTE Dave Morgan (HD 62)

$100/person.  RSVP at

Henry Yanez for State Senate

$250/person, $500-$5000/sponsorships.  RSVP at 586-930-8333

Liberati for Michigan

$250/person, $500/sponsor, $1000/host.  RSVP at

Sheppard Leadership Fund

$250/person, $500-$1000/sponsorships.  RSVP at 734-770-2309

CTE Tommy Brann

$100/person, $250-$1000/sponsorships.  RSVP at 810-240-2625

CTE Jeff Noble

$125/person, $250-$1000/sponsorships.  RSVP at 989-529-0319

CTE Roger Hauck

$150/person, $500/sponsor, $1000/host.  RSVP at 810-488-3449

CTE Shane Hernandez

$100/person, $500/sponsor, $1000/sponsor, $2000/host.  RSVP at 517-391-7923

Friends of Darrin Camilleri

$250/person, $500/host.  RSVP at

Friends of Kristy Pagan

$250/person, $500/sponsor, $1000/host.  RSVP at

Tom Leonard for Michigan

$500/person, $1000-$6800/sponsorships.  RSVP at 989-4502115

CTE Pam Hornberger

$250/person, $1000-$2000/sponsorships.  RSVP at 586-876-9543

CTE John Chirkun for State Rep

$150/person, $250/sponsor, $500/host.  RSVP at

CTE Joseph Tate (HD 2)

$100/person, $250-$1000/sponsorships.  RSVP at

Growing Michigan (Lauwers)

$300/person, $500-$2000/sponsorships.  RSVP at 734-320-1979

CTE Thomas Albert

$150/person, $250-$1000/sponsorships.  RSVP at

David Wolkinson for Michigan

$150/person, $500-$2500/sponsorships.  RSVP at 248-678-2680

Friends of Cara Clemente

$250/person, $500/sponsor, $1000/host.  RSVP at

Friends of Robert Wittenberg

$250/person, $500-$1000/sponsorships.  RSVP at

Senate Republican Campaign Committee

$300/person, VIP Photo Reception – $1,000?couple,

$40,000–Platinum $20,000-Gold $10,000-Silver $5,000–Bronze

RSVP at 517-927-3706

Friends of Tim Sneller

$35/person, $50/couple, $100/sponsor, $250/host.  RSVP at

Michigan House Democratic Fund

$50/person, $100-$1000/sponsorships.  RSVP at

Whiteford Leadership Fund

$50/person, $500-$2500/sponsorships.  RSVP at 517-388-4452

Enough is Enough (Hoadley)

$250/person, $500-$2500/sponsorships. RSVP at

Friends of Tim Sneller

$100/person, $250-$1000/sponsorships.  RSVP at

Friends of Triston Cole

$250/person, $1000-$2000/sponsorships.  RSVP at 989-390-1167